Clearly Juice – Mixed Six

A bottle of each of our wine-style single variety & blended

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Each with its own distinct varietal characteristics, with tastes ranging from medium-dry through to sweet.  An excellent alternative to a wine which will not look out of place on the dinner table and equally delicious served as a breakfast juice.

No added sugar, colours or flavours – 100% pure juice never from concentrate.

Our Mixed Six case includes one 75cl bottle of each variety of apple juice:

  • Cox – Medium-dry with a rich, intense flavour
  • Worcester – Medium-sweet, with a tangy flavour and perfumed aroma.
  • Red Love – Sweet & tangy, with a long lasting, full fruit flavour.
  • Russet – Medium-sweet, a dense, rich juice with a nutty edge to its palate.
  • Cox & Bramley – Medium-sweet, with a refreshing & pure fruit flavour
  • Howgate – Medium-dry, with a ripe, green apple juiciness and an almost creamy texture.

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Hear it through the grapevine

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