Biddenden Ice Cider 2021


From £13.30

6-8° C
Low High
Low High
Dry Sweet
Contains sulphites

Released in April 2022,  Biddenden Ice Cider 2021 is the first of its kind within the Biddenden Cider range.

Made from locally grown apples, Biddenden Ice Cider is an intense, sweet, complex Ice Cider bursting with aromas and reflecting the best characteristics from Kentish grown Egremont Russet and Bramley apples.

The apples are pressed on site at Biddenden and then cold settled for 24 hours, leaving a light straw-coloured liquor, which is then frozen. Once removed from the freezer, the juice is allowed to naturally defrost, and a process known as cryoconcentration occurs where the water separates from the natural sugars. The sugar liquor drains slowly from the tanks leaving the water behind, still frozen in suspense resulting in a high natural sugar content, concentrated aromas, and the enhancement of acidity and tannins.


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What our customers say

Biddenden produces the finest quality juices which are unsurpassed. This, coupled with excellent customer service and fast delivery times, make them unbeatable as far as I'm concerned.

A lovely shop, with tables outside, in the heart of the Kent Weald. An enormous range of their own wines and juices, as well as other luxury groceries including condiments, sweets and more. Efficient and pleasant servers are there to help. Well worth a visit!

Very nice cider delivered very promptly. Will definitely be placing further orders.

Delivery always swift and efficient.. perfect transaction. As always... LOVE this, company