Harvest is done!

Harvest is done!

Picking started the earliest ever this year, meaning we were picking grapes on the 6th September! This was due to the great weather this summer, sugar levels in the grapes were at the optimum earlier than normal.


The harvest of red grapes are all picked and in abundance, not forgetting to mention a great harvest of white grapes as well! So wine making is full on at the moment, ensuring we get some great wines to match the harvest. We’ve even had to invest in two more brand new tanks for our overflowing red grape harvest.


A long journey was made all the way to Germany to ensure we had the tanks just in time. The twenty four hour round trip entailed collecting the shiny new tanks on to the trailer. It was a tight squeeze, but they just fitted on safely.


The train was caught just in the nick of time with just a 30cm clearing between the roof of the train and the tanks. The tanks were then safely unloaded, and filled almost as soon as they had been installed, with the red grapes which had just been picked the very same day!


Hear it through the grapevine

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