Biddenden Vineyards plant new vines

Biddenden Vineyards plant new vines

Following on from another successful year with an exceptionally high demand for English wines, Biddenden Vineyards has extended their vineyard by an extra acre over the last year.  The new plantings include Ortega and Pinot Noir – both of which are previous trophy winners for the vineyard at the UK Vineyards Association annual awards.

Below:  Planting of Ortega at Biddenden Vineyards in May 2012

New Vines Planted at Biddenden

Planting took place in May 2012 & 2013 and will allow a slight increase in production as well as laying the foundation for younger vines to begin to take the place of some of the vineyards’ older vines – some of which are over 30 years old.  The vines will take around 3-5 years to produce grapes that are able to be used in the wine-making process and up to 12 years to settle to a consistent quality.

The vineyard is open to visitors throughout the year with free admission & tastings.  The vineyard walk takes in the new plantings and with the vines begin to shoot and the blossom out in the hedgerows it is a beautiful time of yea to come and have a look around!

Hear it through the grapevine

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