Dalleth Brings Their Dining Experience to Biddenden

Dalleth Brings Their Dining Experience to Biddenden

On October 6th we will play host to a special collaboration with Dalleth, offering a dining experience that celebrates the best of Kent wine and produce.

Dalleth, which translates to ‘origin’ in Kernewick, is the brainchild of Chef Jonathan Dowling. By mixing his passion for food, his ideology of working harmoniously with the land and his limitless curiosity of British history, Jonathan looks to make his mark on the restaurant scene.

Dalleth is a ticketed event whereby seats are few and far between; 12 guests will enjoy an intimate gathering, a fully immersive multi-course tasting menu expertly tailored to the seasonal offerings available in Kent. Every dish is specifically designed to match the flavour profiles of the paired Biddenden wines, ciders and juices.

‘It is the diversity of Kent’s terroir that provides us with a rich selection of regionally unique flavour profiles. Dalleth and Biddenden Vineyards together share a vision of showcasing Kent produce as some of the finest in the world.’ 
– Jonathan Dowling, Head Chef

The menu encompasses a large amount of foraged vegetation, wild meats and fish; just like our ancestral hunter-gatherers would have eaten. Dalleth utilizes ingredients that were once a staple in our diets but sadly have been forgotten with time.

There is complete synergy between Biddenden Vineyards and Dalleth with the ethos of working the land and reaping the rewards. Will Barnes, our third generation vineyard manager worked closely with Jonathan to seamlessly produce a food and wine experience that honours Kent’s incredibly varied food history, celebrates and compliments the flavour profiles of all the featured Biddenden Vineyards beverages and respects the terrior of the ingredients that make up all that is served.

Dalleth at the core fully embraces the circle of life. There is a deep-rooted appreciation for pagan beliefs, of worshiping Mother Earth and utilizing knowledge to preserve nature. Dalleth is Jonathan’s utopian world whereby ‘all the years of intensive farming, soil corruption, animal cruelty, and chemical toxins had never happened.’ Jonathan has a passion of impacting change beyond the food industry and one who’s making a conscientious decision to limit the impact he and his company have on the world around us.

The simplest way to sum up the Dalleth experience from start to finish is explained beautifully by Jonathan in 10 words, ‘we try our hardest to give more than we take’.

This inaugural standalone event will take the form of a 7 course-tasting menu with a complete focus on the wonderful bounty of produce from one county, Kent.

The full menu can be read here.

Contemporary food, an extensive collection of Biddenden Vineyards wines, exemplary service and stunning setting completes one of Kent’s finest food and wine experiences.


Booking essential.
7 Course Tasting Menu with Wine Match by Biddenden Vineyards


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