24 x 250ml Biddenden Red Love® Apple Juice

A naturally red, clear apple juice produced from Red Love apples


6-8° C
Red Love
Low High
Dry Sweet

Winner of “Kent’s Tastiest Juice of the Year”, this delicious juice is produced using Red Love apples, a variety which has both a red skin and flesh.  The result is a totally naturally red apple juice, with absolutely no added colours, flavours or sugars.

The taste is incredibly sweet & tangy, with a long lasting, full fruit flavour.  Delicious served chilled as a breakfast drink, Red Love is also excellent for those looking for a non-alcoholic drinks option, as well as being a perfect base for cocktails too!

Biddenden Red Love apple juice was the UK’s first apple juice to be produced using this variety, and provides a vibrant twist on the much-loved classic apple juice drink.

No added sugar, colours or flavours – 100% pure juice never from concentrate.

Also available in 1L glass bottles.

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