Post work goes in at Biddenden’s newest vineyard

Post work goes in at Biddenden’s newest vineyard

The team have been busy out in the vineyard marking out & putting in wooden posts ready for wirework to be added in our newest vineyard.  The vineyard, which was planted in May 2018, consists of Bacchus & Reichensteiner, and once the wirework is in place training of the vines will begin.

Wooden posts are used as a sustainable & renewable material, combined with their ability to take a larger weight load, something which is essential for our growing system which sees a double row for every vine planted.  The vines will begin to bear fruit in the next 2-4 years and this will be used to increase volumes of still Bacchus, while the Reichensteiner will be used in our sparkling white wine.

The vines across the vineyard are now coming on well, and the warm, sunny days are aiding growth.  For those with an interest in vine management, it is a brilliant time to visit as growth is at a point where it is easy to see pruning methods.

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Hear it through the grapevine

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