Our Awards

Biddenden Vineyards Awards

Biddenden Vineyards Awards

We’re incredibly proud of our awards over the years. From Kentish awards to Internationally recognised certifications.

Wines of Great Britain WINEGB AWARDS 2018

Wine GB Awards

Wine GB Awards
Pinot Reserve 2014Silver2018
Pinot Noir 2016Bronze2018
Gribble Bridge Sparkling Rosé 2014Bronze2018
UKVA - United Kingdom Vineyards Association

United Kingdom Vineyards Association

UKVA English and Welsh Wine of the Year Competition
Schönburger 2014Bronze2016
Gribble Bridge Sparkling White 2013Bronze2016
Gribble Bridge Sparkling Rosé 2012Bronze2016
Gribble Bridge Rosé 2015Bronze2016
Ortega 2015Bronze2016
Dornfelder 2014Bronze2015
Gribble Bridge Rosé 2014Bronze2015
Pinot Reserve 2010Silver2015
Ortega 2014Silver2015
Bacchus 2014Bronze2015
Sparkling Rosé 2010Silver2015
Gribble Bridge White 2013Silver2014
Gribble Bridge Rosé 2013Silver2014
Scheurebe 2011Bronze2013
Pinot Reserve 2009Silver2012
Dornfelder 2009Bronze2012
Sparkling White 2006Highly Commended2012
Biddenden Pinot Noir 2011Bernhard Theobald Trophy ‘Most outstanding red wine’2012
Pinot Noir 2011Silver2012
Biddenden Gamay 2011Silver2012
Gribble Bridge Rosé 2011Silver2012
Ortega 2011Silver2012
Gribble Bridge Rosé 2010Bronze2011
Dornfelder 2009Bronze2011
Gribble Bridge White 2009Silver2011
Ortega 2009Silver2011
Bacchus 2009Silver2011
OrtegaBest large production of unchaptalised wine2009
OrtegaBest wine from previous harvest2009
OrtegaWine of the year1986

Taste of Kent Awards

Ortega, 2016Finalist – Kent Wine of the Year2018
Apple JuiceFinalist – Kent's Tastiest Juice of the Year2018
Apple Juice, Pear Juice, Clearly Juice and Red Love®Winner - Juice Producer of the Year 20172017
Ortega, 2015Finalist – Best Kentish Wine2017
Gribble Bridge Sparkling White, 2013Finalist – Best Kentish Wine2017
Ortega 2014Finalist – Best Kentish Wine2016
Biddenden Strong Kentish CiderFinalist – Best Kentish Cider2016
Ortega 2014Finalist – Best Kentish Wine2015
Biddenden Strong Kentish CiderFinalist – Best Kentish Cider2015
Ortega 2013Winner - Best Kentish Wine2014
Ortega 2012Winner - Best Kentish Wine2013
Ortega 2011Winner - Best Kentish Wine2012
Ortega 2009Winner - Best Kentish Wine2011
Biddenden Strong Kentish CiderWinner - Best Kentish Cider2010

Other Awards

Kent Excellence in Business Awards
Biddenden VineyardsFamily Business of the Year2018
Kent Life and Kent on Sunday Food and Drink Awards
Julian BarnesKent Food and Drink Hero of the Year2016
National Fruit Show
Clearly Juice Russet JuiceWinner Single Variety Juice2018
Decanter World Wine Awards
Ortega 2014Silver2016
Sommelier Wine Awards
Ortega 2014Highly Commended2016
Pinot Reserve 2010Bronze2016
Gribble Bridge White 2010Gold2012
International Cider Challenge
Biddies Red Love CiderBronze2018
Biddies 5 CiderBronze2018
Great Taste Awards
Special MeadOne Gold Star2017
Biddenden Red Love® Apple JuiceTwo Gold Stars2016
Special ReserveTwo Gold Stars2012
Biddenden Pear JuiceTwo Gold Stars2011
International Cider and Perry Competition
Sparkling CiderSilver2012
East Malling Beer and Cider Festival
Biddenden Red Love CiderVoted Cider of the Festival2017
CAMRA – 42nd Cambridge Beer Festival
Biddenden Strong Kentish CiderVoted Cider of the Festival2015
Redditch Winter Beer Festival
Biddenden Strong Kentish CiderVoted Cider of the Festival2007
CAMRA - Colchester Real Ale + Cider Festival
Biddenden Strong Kentish CiderGold Award2006

South East Vineyards Association

South East Wine of the Year Awards
Dornfelder 2009Highly Commended2012
Pinot Noir 2011Bronze2012
Ortega 2011Bronze2012
Rose 2011Silver2012
Rose 2010Bronze2011
Gribble Bridge White 2009Bronze2011
Bacchus 2009Bronze2011
Dornfelder 2009Bronze2011
Gribble Bridge White 2009Bronze2010
Bacchus 2009Bronze2010
Ortega 2008Silver2009
Gribble Bridge White 2007Silver2008
Sparkling Gamay 2007Silver2008

Glynde Events – English Wine Festival 2008

Gribble Bridge Rose 2007Awarded Highly Recommended in Rose Category 2008
Gribble Bridge White 2007Awarded Best Wine in Dry Wine Category