Clearly Juice Relaunches at Biddenden

Clearly Juice Relaunches at Biddenden

We are very excited to announce the release of our newly rebranded Clearly Juice, which is now available to buy in the vineyard shop as well as online for home delivery.

Clearly Juice is a range of clear, wine-like blended & single varietal Kentish juices, made using fruit from local farms to produce a juice which is very much wine-like in style, reflecting our roots as Kent’s original vineyard.  By working directly with & building tight relationships with local farmers, we are able to select orchard ripe fruit, which gives each juice a rich, distinctive flavour.

Intended as a ‘dinner party’ juice, Clearly Juice provides the ideal non-alcoholic drink & its presentation in a wine bottle with a wine-style label makes it perfect to sit alongside the table’s wine.  There are five delicious varieties to choose from;

Clearly Juice Cox
Clearly Juice Cox & Bramley
Clearly Juice Red Love™
Clearly Juice Russet
Clearly Juice Worcester

For more information, please visit our Clearly Juice shop page.


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