Biddenden Vineyards Guided Tours raises money for K.H.O.C.A

Biddenden Vineyards has raised £165.00 for KHoCA. KHoCA is a charity raising money for people with mental disabilities inKent.


The aim of the charity is to empower these men and women to live dignified, fulfilling and rewarding lives. KHoCA is an entirely voluntary charitable committee and has maintained its costs at less than 3% of the money raised each year.

In 2014 Biddenden Vineyards will be supporting R.A.B.I (The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution). RABI is farming’s national charity who operates throughoutEnglandandWales.

R.A.B.I. provides care and support for farmers, farm workers, farm managers and their dependents. Many of those RABI support are retired people who are struggling to get by on low incomes.

Biddenden vineyards will be running FREE tours throughout 2014; a full list is available here.