Biddenden installs new two cage Gyropallette

Biddenden installs new two cage Gyropallette

With ever increasing demand for both our still & sparkling wines, this week our new two cage Gyropallette has arrived, supplied by Oeno Concept and installed by W R Services.

This will enable us to increase our capacity for riddling our sparkling wines prior to disgorging, having outgrown our single cage Gyro!

Riddling is the process in sparkling winemaking whereby the the bottle is slowly and gently rotated from a horizontal angle, (which it will have been placed at for the secondary fermentation to take place and development of the wine on the lees), to eventually be positioned neck down. This causes the lees to slowly move down the bottle, eventually gathering in the neck, ready for removal during disgorgment.

Originally, this would have been a process which would have been carried out by hand, taking weeks and much patience. With Gyropallettes, the full process is automated and reduces the time to just 6 days, and now with 2 cages, this means we can riddle 1,000 bottles a week.

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